Dormant NBMP Emergence Roost counts

These roosts have not been surveyed for some time please contact the original surveyor for more information and background.  

If you are taking over a emergence roost which has previously been counted by another volunteer, let the BCT know ( and they can transfer the details of the roost over to your BCT account.  Then let us know and we’ll more it onto the active list!

South of Radstock – Serotine and Common Pip roost

  • Had over 70 bats in 2000, last surveyed 2010 when 20+ bats were present,
  • Contact: Adel Avery  BCT Roost Codes: Serotine = 1030043 – Common Pip = 1120293

West of Frome – Serotine roost

  • Over 70 Serotines recorded in 2000, none on the last survey in 2011.
  • Contact: Adel Avery  BCT Roost Code: 1030055

West of Frome – Soprano pipistrelle roost

  • Hundreds of Pips recorded during the last survey in 2000.
  • Contact: Adel Avery  BCT Roost Code: 1120288

West of Frome – Lesser horseshoe roost

  • Over 40 Lesser Horseshoes recorded during last survey in 1999.
  • Contact: Adel Avery  BCT Roost Code: 1170018