Frome FROGs Bat Walk Sept21

The return of the bat walk – 26th Sept 21

In this message we have: Reports from several bat walks that have been led by members this month.An update on the Mendip bat swarming project.Vincent Wildlife Trust are asking for bat group help at Shapwick Heath next week.A request for help with the BCT Volunteer Bat Care Helpline.The latest bat group bulletin, which includes news … Continue reading The return of the bat walk – 26th Sept 21

Upcoming bat group events, Vote for Edward and Helen – 8Aug21

In this message we have: - Please vote for Edward and Helen Wells in the Pete Guest Award 2021 - The latest Bat Group Bulletin, which includes a opportunity to present Somersets bats to the world! - News of some bat group events restarting, including public walks at Wells Moat and Glastonbury Museum.

We need your help – Greater Horseshoe radio tracking and Bat events

In this message we have: - A request for help from UWE with Greater Horseshoe radio tracking in Somerset. - Could you help out your Bat group by leading some Bat Walks? - Details of changes to the National Bat Helpline

Update on National Bat Helpline – Handling of Bat Care Related Calls Summer 2021 – Special Edition Bat Group Bulletin

This update is to share our thinking about how we will have to change the way the Helpline operates, specifically around the handling of bat care related enquiries. Building on the success of the Out of Hours service (which has been running every year since it was first piloted in 2004), we will be making greater use of volunteers on the Helpline this summer.

CALL TO ACTION: Sign the petition to Save Nature Now

CALL TO ACTION: Sign the petition to Save Nature Now

Nature is in trouble. In the UK, almost half of our wildlife is in long term decline, 1 in 4 mammals, including several bat species, face extinction and none of our rivers or lakes are in good health. We are one of the most nature-deprived countries in the world. We need urgent action from Government. The Prime Minister has been calling on world leaders to agree to stop nature’s decline by 2030. In just a few months, governments will come together to agree a global target to stop our natural world from being destroyed. But there’s no legal commitment to do the same here at home.