NBMP Waterways Surveys in August

BCT has issued Covid-19 advice so waterways surveys can be undertaken this year.
Please see the
latest advice on the BCT website.

This survey monitors the activity of Daubenton’s bats along a waterway.

The survey method is straightforward and is ideal to try if you are relatively new to bat detecting.  You will need a heterodyne (tuneable) bat detector and a torch.  Please contact the Bat group if you need to borrow a detector for a survey.

The waterways survey is over 2 nights, the first survey should be first two weeks of August and the second survey during the third and forth weeks.  The survey begins 40 minutes after sunset and usually takes about one hour.

Waterway Survey sites up for grabs!

You can either select one of the existing sites up for grabs, or email the BCT and ask for a selection of randomly allocated squares near to you.

  • ID  –  Site Name and location –  Waterway  –  Grid Ref
  • 89  –  Weare, south of Axbridge –  River Axe  –  ST420530
  • 360  –  Oxmoor, between Cheddar and Wedmoor  – River Axe  –  ST441507
  • 387 – Farleigh Hungerford – River Frome – ST808569
  • 407  –  Compton Bishop, west of Axbridge  –  Cheddar Yeo  –  ST408546
  • 592  –  Middlemoor Bridge, south of Langport  –  River Isle  –  ST406228
  • 642 – Blatch Bridge – Somerset Frome – ST775456
  • 646  –  Taunton Tone  –  River Tone  –  ST210250
  • 705  –  Wellington  –  Tributary Of River Tone  –  ST127206

If you would like to survey one of these sites, please email  nbmp@bats.org.uk and let them know the ID number of the site you are interested in taking on.

NBMP Waterways Survey Results

All the Somerset results for past years of the NBMP waterways survey can be found on this page.

More results on the BCT website.