SBG Constitution

Somerset Bat Group Constitution *

  1. The group shall form part of and be entirely accountable to the Somerset Wildlife Trust.
  2. The purpose of the group shall be to conserve, study, record, educate and further the public understanding of all species of British Bats.
  3. The Somerset Bat Group is a not for profit, community conservation
  4. The committee of the group shall consist of three duly elected officers; Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. The membership of the group shall be:
    • Any person holding a current conservation/scientific bat licence for Somerset under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.
    • Any other person interested in the study or conservation of bats who wishes to participate in the group’s activities.
  6. The officers shall be elected by simple majority of the members present at the group’s annual meeting which shall be held by the 30th of April in any year to allow the accounts for the year to be presented.  Not less than two weeks notice shall be given to members. The officers may co-opt members to help with the running of the group.
  7. Any funds standing to the credit of the group shall be invested by the Treasurer in any suitable bank or similar account and/or applied for the furtherance of the group’s purposes. An account of the monies received and spent by the group in each year shall be presented to and approved by the annual meeting.
  8. Signatories for financial transactions or other documents of the group shall be any one of the three officers. However any transaction over £500 must be discussed by the committee.
  9. In the event of the group being disbanded, any money or assets held by the group shall be handed forthwith to the Treasurer of the Somerset Wildlife Trust.
  10.  All students, unwaged trainees and any-one in full time education are eligible for free membership.
  11. Memberships fees are per household (I.e. one fee per family).
  12. The Somerset Bat Group Constitution can only be amended by majority vote at the AGM