Upcoming Bat Group events

Current Status of bat events in Somerset

Events with no close contact with Bats

These include Bat Walks and Talks, external Acoustic and Visual Surveys

Current Status (July 2021 onwards) – Green, no restrictions apply. Events with no close bat contact can proceed according to national and local restrictions. In line with government guidance we ask all attendees to events to apply “hands, face, space” and to wear a mask when in enclosed or confined spaces.

Events with close contact with bats

These include: Bat box checks, trapping and internal bat roost visits.

The risk for group events that enable close contact with bats will be measured according to the IUCN SSC Bat Specialist group ‘s Recommended Strategy to Reduce the Risk of Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Humans to Bats v2.

Current Status (August 2021 onwards) – Amber, Medium Risk. Events with close bat contact can proceed with caution, and use the protect strategies to mitigate risk.

Please see this page for full details of the current event risk level, and our strategies to protect bats.

November 2021 event update

Sadly, the Covid-19 community infection rate is still very high in Somerset. While some bat contact events are ongoing, these are usually limited to leaders and one or two others, and hence we are not publicising any winter 21/2 events here (yet)