British Bat Survey in July/Aug

British Bat Survey in July/Aug

The British Bat Survey utilises the latest developments in bat detector design,  automated call recognition and interactive volunteer feedback to provide an unparalleled level of detail about our resident bat species. This is already revolutionising our ability to monitor and conserve bats.

This innovative project eventually aims to launch nationally. To enable this the project team are developing an automated, end-to-end system for monitoring bats. This system will include a low-cost full spectrum bat detector, an app that allows volunteers to send audio recordings to a central server for processing, a suite of software algorithms that automatically detect and classify bat calls to species and a portal to feed the results back to volunteers.

The 2019 pilot of the British Bat Survey is been undertaken in the South West.   Of the 40 pilot Audiomoth devices now deployed in the SW, 5 have been allocated to Somerset:

  • Four are in the north of the county in a line from Westhay, throught, Wells and Oakhill to Frome.
  • The fifth is in the south of Somerset, in Wellington.

For this pilot the Audiomoths are deployed on non consecutive nights from 1st July and 11th August 2019, with the recordings been returned to the BCT in the post on micro SD cards. As the Audiomoths currently produce about 28Gb of recordings a night, the full end to end systems may not be possible until until the onboard software can trigger recording on detecting bats. But overall this new tech. shows great promise.

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See a poster about the Project.

British Bat Survey 2019

The 2018 BBS pilot was undertaken on a smaller scale with 14 Audiomoths, mostly in Scotland.   Click here to see results.

Any questions? Please contact us at

Sonia Reveley, Project Officer
Bat Conservation Trust, Quadrant House, 250 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5RD
Direct line: 0207 8207165