Concerned a development may harm bats?

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Thank you for your concern for the bats in your area regarding a potential threat from development.  Unfortunately are a small voluntary group and regret we cannot get involved in individual cases.  We therefore rely on concerned residents to help us protect bats by bringing matters such as this to the attention of planning authorities and developers.

This should assist you in taking relevant action where required.   The Bat Group has also published our standing advice on planning applications, click here for details.

Links to other advice below:

Somerset Planning Authorities

Listed below are links to all statutory planning bodies in Somerset, and their Bat advice (where published)

Somerset County Council

SCC deal with planning applications that relate to minerals, waste and their own County Council developments such as schools, libraries, Social Services developments and new roads.

Your local planning authority (District or Borough Council) should be able to advise you of other types of developments, including extensions, residential and business developments.

We have 5 districts in Somerset each with their own planning departments, the details of which can be found below:

Somerset West and Taunton Council

South Somerset District Council

Sedgemoor District Council

North Somerset Council

Mendip District Council