Cave checks for bats – 12th March 2019

I’m planning on conducting a couple of (very!) late cave checks this Tuesday 12th March, unless our ‘cave guardians’ have to cancel. Any paid-up members are welcome to come along BUT you must have been caving before, and you must have your own equipment – so decent wellies (I recommend cheapo Mole Valley 12 quid jobs, really good grip), a proper helmet (not a hard hat!) and a decent headtorch. Oh and some overalls/cave suit/waterproofs – some are a bit wet and one is an old ochre mine so you also need gloves otherwise everything you touch will end up orange.

These are proper caves so I can’t help you if you are claustrophobic. I say all this because people have turned up with no torch, some ancient Hunter wellies with no grip, and then revealed they don’t like small spaces! Having said all that, the caves aren’t really horrible, just have a few smaller bits and are really good fun. Starting 10am in Axbridge, maybe going to Priddy, Wells and Oakhill to give you some idea of what we’ll be doing. You will be need to be a little bit fit too…

Let me know and sorry for the late notice but most of these caves are not open access and so are not easy to arrange well in advance. There will be a limit to how many we can take in but I’m not expecting hordes of people midweek. Hopefully the weather will be rubbish and there’ll still be some bats in there!


Cave checks for bats
Cave checks for bats