Active NBMP Roost Emergence counts

To help with any of these counts please contact the lead surveyor directly.   No experience required, as full guidance is given.

Most roosts are counted in June. Lesser horseshoe bat counts start in late May, while greater horseshoe bat counts take place in July.

We will be adding more roosts as surveyors make plans for the coming survey season. 

North of Frome – Large Lesser Horseshoe (and Serotine) roost

  • An interesting site of large buildings, with a big roost of over 100 bats
  • Due to the use of the site, the survey will be probably be early midweek
  • Requires a large group of 6-12 people.  To help, contact: Adel Avery

East of Frome – Common Pipistrelle  roost.

  • Roost of 60+ bats inside a capped chimney,  it has been a Brown Long Eared roost in the past but not recently.
  • Can be surveyed any day.  Requires 3 to 4 people. To help, contact Pete Gulliver

West of Frome – Lesser & Greater Horseshoe roost

  • Roost in woodland, can be surveyed any day of the week
  • Needs a small group of 2-4 people.  To help, contact: Adel Avery

South of Radstock – Lesser Horseshoe, Sop Pip and Serotine

  • A location that has recently become very famous.
  • Can be surveyed at weekend
  • Requires a small group of 3-4 people.  To help, contact: Adel Avery

If you are an existing surveyor and would like to add your roost please contact us.