We just have the latest Bat Group Bulletin in this message. This has a key date for our diaries, the South West Bat Group conference, online on 17th April 2021

Feb Bat Group Bulletin

Click here to view the full bulletin. The summary of the contents is:

“Hello and welcome to the February edition of the Bat Group Bulletin. We are sending it out a week early as there are a few deadlines we wanted to share with you before the end of the month. We say hello to the new Bat Groups Officer, Abby and have some more information about the two upcoming regional conferences this spring.

We have also shared a lot of new research papers and articles this month for all the scientists out there! Some of which BCT has contributed to. The Herefordshire Bat Atlas is now available on the BCT website and new research on the affect wind turbines has on common pipistrelles has been released, see section 15 for more information and the relevant links.

  1. A call for help – Out of Hours, an Emergency Service for Bats (Last Chance)!
  2. Reminder about COVID-19 and Hibernation Surveys
  3. Hello from Abby Packham, the new Bat Groups Officer
  4. Vacancies at BCT
  5. Scottish Bat Workers Conference 6 March 2021 – have you booked your place?
  6. English Regional Conferences March and April 2021
  7. National Bat Monitoring Programme volunteer questionnaire: call-out to former NBMP volunteers.
  8. Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project
  9. Ambassadors for Bats
  10. National Bat Conference – Call for Abstracts Reminder
  11. Environment Bill Update
  12. NE News: Wildlife Licensing and Planning Advice Digital Service Discovery
  13. NE News: Digital Services for Biodiversity Net Gain and District Level Licensing
  14. Invitation to tender: Nightwatch online volunteer portal
  15. Research Papers, Reports & Other Batty Media
  16. Key Dates for Your Diary – including BCT events and Training”

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