SBG 2020 Virtual Bat Group AGM Process

Due to the Governments advice on Covid-19 we used a virtual process and voting for our 2020 AGM.  This allowed members to have a say in the running of the group.

The email virtual AGM process that was used was as below:

  1. All members of the Bat group, have the option to raise topics at the virtual AGM, or any nominations.  Please email by 17th April:
    • If you would like to put yourself forward to stand on the SBG committee, or nominate someone else to stand.
    • If you have any information or questions that you would like to raise as “Any Other Business” (AOB) at the virtual AGM
  2. On Sat 18th April, all above will be collated with SBG committee reports and issued by email to all members as a set of AGM meeting notes.
  3. Alongside the notes, at the same time we will send group members a link to a voting form to allow voteing on all the AGM proposals, or to make any other comments, by 25th April.
  4. Soon after 25th April  the results of all AGM votes and any discussion will be collated and issued as virtual AGM minutes by email to members.

2020 SBG Virtual AGM documents