Mells Valley SAC Bat Landscape Survey planned for 2020-21

Due to the Covid-19 situation, and lack of funding, this survey was sadly postponed.

Logo SerotineThis is a innovative long term project proposal for the east Mendips to survey all the bats of the Mells Valley SAC and its Ecological Zone of Influence (EZI) using many low cost static ultrasound recorders.

The project to be led by volunteers from the Somerset Bat Group, and we are currently seeking funding.

The project would launch with two talks and walks in April/May to introduce local residents to this project.  Dates currently being confirmed.  Bat group help and volunteers very welcome contact Andy for details.

  • Public Talk – Somerset Earth Science, Moon’s Hill Quarry, Stoke St Michael, Somerset, BA3 5JU
  • Public Walk – Starting in Stoke St Micheal, heading to Cooks Wood Quarry caves.
  • Public Talk – Location TBC possibly Great Elm.
  • Public walk – Starting outside Mells and heading down Wadbury Valley

The main surveys were planned to start on 4th May and run until 27th Sept 2020.  Unfortunately, this project was delayed in 2020 due to Covid-19, then shelved as the promised funding did not materalise.

It was envisaged to run the project for a minimum of two years, with options to extend, or revise focus of the project over the years.

MVSAC BLS is a Somerset Bat Group project. for which we are currently seeking funding