Bat Detectors “Show and tell”

We’ve had a fantastic response to the invitation for members to talk about bat-related kit at our next meeting:

  • Sat 31st March 2018 at The Great Bow Wharf (Stuckey Room), Langport
  • 1.45 for 2pm start until 4pm.

So far people have come forward saying that they can do 10 minutes on:

  • Anabat Express and Walkabout,
  • SM2,
  • Batbox Baton,
  • Elekon Batscanner
  • EM Touch 2.

We’ve also had someone say that they can talk briefly about the FLIR thermal camera and an Endoscope.

But there is still space for more… So if the bat detector that you use isn’t mentioned or you have any other type of bat related tech please contact Cath at to say that you can do 5-10 minutes.