Sunday 19th Jan 2020, the Hibernacula visit day!

It seems 19th Jan is the day when group members across the county come out of their post holiday hibernation, and decide to visit other hibernacula!

Paul Kennedy reports on visits with two other members:

Another weekend of some small hibernacula visits – nowhere near as many site visits as I’d like, but a horrible sticky, muddy visit to Chard revealed 31 Lesser Horseshoe, 1 ringed Greater Horseshoe (a ringed male), 1 Daubentons and 2 Natterers. One Lesser Horseshoe was 6 inches deep inside a 2 inch wide crevice, pretending to be a Myotis!

Followed today by Tracebridge tunnel with 1 Natterers, 1 Daubentons, 2 Greater Horseshoe and 16 Lesser Horseshoe.

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Adel lead another group of 6 around the East Mendip Bathouses.  Amber Avery reported:

Hibernation checks today of the East Mendip and Mells Bat Houses!  We counted six species: Greater Horseshoe, Lesser Horseshoe, Natterers, Daubentons, Brown Long Eared and Soprano Pips.  Also 4 Noctules in a flat fronted bat box in Harridge woods.

Very successful batty day in lovely weather, thank you everyone for coming along!

Others visited the tunnel in Darshill, near Shepton Mallet.

A very Batty Day!