Update on future Bat Group events – 1st July 2020

In this message we have an update on our summer activities in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, and the latest Bulletin from the BCT.

SBG 2020 group activities update

The committee have recently been reviewing all the groups activities in the light of the current Covid-19 advice, and wanted to keep everyone updated:

  1. We will be carrying out some acoustic surveys on an individual or small group basis this summer. This includes the NBMP Field and Waterways Surveys and possibly Landscape surveys. These will be done according to the guidance issued by the BCT.
  2. As none of the bat groups events can be considered “essential”, we will not be carrying out any events that involve possible contact with bats. This includes, bat box checks, trapping, internal roost or cave visits. This is in line with DEFRA’s guidance to the BCT, which is guided by the IUCN advice, that there is a “credible risk” of human to bat Covid-19 transmission. This is likely to be the situation for the foreseeable future.
    (Note: Bat Care has separate guidance, and may continue.)
  3. We will not be holding any public events this year. This includes bat walks, talks, advice or training events. This is due to the uncertainty of what restrictions will be in place over the coming months, and also because many of the groups key organisers have reasons to remain shielded.

It is very disappointing to be publishing this, but we have to do all we can to keep members, and bats safe.

For more information we have a page on our website where we try to collect all the latest relevant advice on Covid-19.

Latest BCT Bulletin

The latest issue includes lots of updates and information on the current Covid-19 situation and its impacts on bats, click here to view.

We have the archive of all past Bat Group Bulletins on our website.


If there are any questions please do email us: somersetbatgroup@gmail.com