Bat Group Bulletin – 30Sept20

We hope all Bat Group Members are keeping safe and well in these challenging times.

With us now being set for a “bumpy” winter the advice for non essential bat group work is unfortunately likely to remain the same for some time to come. Fortunately our corner of the south west seems to be currently doing much better than other parts of the country, so there is some hope there.

In this message we have the latest Bat Group bulletin, click here to download:

Some of the highlights include:

  • Another EBVL-1 serotine has been recorded in Dorset.
  • Some of the most important work BCT undertakes revolves around the Wildlife Crime Project. Such work comes at a cost and BCT are looking to increase funding from the Restorative Justice Fund.
  • BCT had a record 516 votes for this years’ Pete Guest Award, and the winner was
    Michelle Young from Gloucestershire Bat Group and Evesham Bat Care.
  • BCT is asking again for any interesting bat records you have; vagrants, migrants, species recorded outside their expected range, or any records that are simply notable at a local level.
  • This months survey is on the ‘Effects of COVID-19 on Bat Conservation’.