Bechstein’s radio tracking and latest bat group bulletin – 30June21

In this message we have:

  • A update on Bechstein’s radio tracking in Somerset
  • The latest Bat Group bulletin which includes an update on guidance for Bat carers, but not for bat groups yet

Also just a quick reminder of two requests from our last email:

Bechstein’s radio tracking in Somerset

Paul has been in touch with Sonia Revelry at BCT about the Bechstein’s project for Somerset. She said:

We are still waiting for the IUCN guidance to be published but because we need to make preparations for our fieldwork, I have asked ahead of the guidance publication about whether funded work can go ahead and we have been informed that we should be able to do some fieldwork this year but obviously with PPE and Covid measures in place.

However, with the limited time we have to organise the site visit, the training as well as the recruitment of volunteers to ensure we have enough people to team up for the trapping and tracking we have decided that we will focus our fieldwork efforts in the Somerset area next year – so two radiotracking surveys sessions in Somerset, one sometime during the early Summer period (mid-May/early June) and again one survey session during the late summer period (end of July/early August). The radiotracking training we will deliver during early May and we will fit in the site visit sometime in May as well.

This year we are just going to focus on the Dorset fieldwork. We will run the second Dorset survey session in the early summer period next year.

Excellent news that we will be following Bechstein’s next year!

Bat Group bulletin

You can download the latest Bat Group Bulletin here.

We were hoping this would include the long awaited updated guidance to Bat Groups, sadly not. But at least the guidance for Bat Carers has been updated.

“The IUCN Bat Steering Group (BSG) has updated its guidance for bat rehabilitators. This second edition will be available on the IUCN BSG website by 2nd July:

The main changes reflect what is now known about SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and the potential risk of human to bat transmission. The IUCN BSG guidance covers the world-wide risk of transmission, BCT is also updating its UK specific guidance and this will be available shortly.

In addition to the guidance for bat carers, the IUCN BSG is also revising its guidance on field work for bat researchers. This document is being actively updated and should be available in the next few weeks (at the same link as above). We (BCT) will update our website as soon as this is available. In the meantime, we are working on UK specific information available for bat groups, that will reflect the changes that the IUCN BSG are proposing to their existing guidance for researchers.”

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