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Time to renew your membership, Bechstein’s update, AGM MINUTES – 5May20

In this email we have: A reminder that now is the time to renew your SBG membership!The latest updates on our exciting Bechstien's radio-tracking project.The draft minutes from our AGM which was held last weekend.News that the Bat Care Call Handling Consultation Report is now available.The BCT update on Bats in Churches Surveys 2022.Bookings for … Continue reading Time to renew your membership, Bechstein’s update, AGM MINUTES – 5May20

Bat group AGM and Radio tracking – 2Apr22

In this message we have: - A reminder of our Bechstein's radio-tracking project - Our AGM is at the end of the month, we hope to see you there! - Could you help us out? Could you join the bat group committee? - The latest bat group bulletin, which includes details of the National Bat Conference 2022.

Wells bat Talk, updated NBMP Covid Guidance, Radio Tracking – 3Feb22

In this message we have: - An invite to a bat talk in Wells this weekend - The latest bat group bulletin - Advance notice of our upcoming AGM - News that the much-delayed radio tracking might be back on this summer

We need your help – Greater Horseshoe radio tracking and Bat events

In this message we have: - A request for help from UWE with Greater Horseshoe radio tracking in Somerset. - Could you help out your Bat group by leading some Bat Walks? - Details of changes to the National Bat Helpline