Wadbury bat house, EBLV-1 update – 30Oct 21

In this message we have:

  • An update on the Wadbury Bat House
  • News of two EBLV-1 positive bat cases in Somerset
  • The latest Bat group Bulletin

Wadbury Bat House

Two group members accompanied Lila Morris from SWT recently on a visit to Wadbury bat house, near Mells, Frome. This is the first survey there since Jan 2020, and full Covid protect strategies were applied.

A total of 9 Greater Horseshoes were found, with 3 in the loft and entrance room having ring numbers. These three ringed female bats have been seen previously in the bat house, in October 2019, and two of them in October 2014. These bats had been ringed as juveniles in 2009 and 2011 in Bath Stone Mines by Dr Roger Ransome and Dr Fiona Mathews in Monkton Farleigh.

The sheets under the roost spaces were last cleared in October 2019, and in the meantime, a 5cm, 2-inch, layer of droppings had built up over the 3m2 floor area, and a dead Ghs bat skeleton found. This might suggest more bats are using the bat house in summer now, and hence emergence surveys next summer would be a good idea.

Two EBLV-1 cases in Somerset

The group was updated by India Long and Lisa Worledge of BCT, about two EBLV-1 positive cases in Somerset.

A juvenile EBLV-1 positive serotine was found in (or near) Keinton Mandeville. The bat was found and collected by a bat carer in early September. It started to decline in health and was euthanased on 25th Sept, the carcase was submitted to APHA. There was no report of human or animal biting/scratching incidents. Public Health England is aware and undertaking further enquiries as necessary.

Near Chard a serotine bat was found grounded, thin and weak and was taken to a bat carer for rehabilitation. It was subsequently euthanised on welfare grounds on 21/09/2021 and the carcase was submitted to APHA. Although there were no confirmed biting or scratching incidents, PHE has identified 3 people with uncertain contact so are providing post-exposure treatment to them all.

Please contact our bat care coordinator India Long if you would like more details about these cases

Latest Bat Group Bulletin

In this issue, you can read the latest on EBLV cases, updates on roofing membranes and NBMP hibernation surveys, and details of the next bat group mingle.