We need your help! and AGM notice – 1Mar22

In this message we have:

  • Could you help out your bat group with checking Bat Boxes? or by leading some Bat Walks?
  • Notice of our upcoming AGM. Would you like to raise anything as AOB?
  • The latest bat group bulletin, which includes details of the National Bat Conference 2022.

The bat group needs your help with …

. . . Checking bat boxes

Over the years the group has put up hundreds of bat boxes all over Somerset. Many were put up by Lou Pickersgill before her passing. Sadly we had lost track of some of these bat box locations over the past years, but a heroic effort from Cath Shellswell last year means that most have now been traced and recorded.

Hence we now need help. If any licenced bat workers feel they could help out by taking on some boxes to check on an annual basis, this would really help the group out so much.

Contact us at the usual email to say whereabouts you are, and we will see if there are any boxes local to you that you could help with. somersetbatgroup@gmail.com

Thank you in advance!

… Leading Bat Events

We would like to thank those members who stepped forward in response to our request last year. However, we are getting requests for bat walks, talks and events, that we are still having to decline.

Over the past few years, the group has relied on several key volunteers, who have led many events. However as some are now stepping back, and some have other commitments, we are now having to say no to potential bat education events.

So CAN YOU HELP? There are many experienced bat workers and ecologists in the group with a wealth of bat knowledge, hence could you perhaps help out for a night or two? We know it’s a big ask, as these are usually in the middle of “the season”, but without more bat group event leaders we are going to have to decline even more invitations.

If anyone is worried about leading a bat session, the bat group can provide:

  • The opportunity to shadow one of our experienced leaders, to see how they do it.
  • We have 3 sets of a dozen bat detectors spread around the county, that can be loaned out to leaders for events.
  • The boring stuff done for you … risk assessments, admin, third party insurance .. etc

Contact us at the usual email to discuss helping, the group would be so grateful! somersetbatgroup@gmail.com


This is the formal notice that we hope to meet in person in 2022, in Othery Village Hall, central Somerset

If you would prefer not to attend in person, we hope to stream the meeting via Zoom:

Agenda and officers pre-meeting reports will be posted on our website in the first week of April 2022. https://somersetbat.group/events/upcoming/

If you have anything you would like to raise as AOB at the AGM please email it to us before 1st April 2022. somersetbatgroup@somersetbatgroup

February bat group bulletin

The latest bat group bulletin includes details of the National Bat Conference 2022, link below: