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NBMP Winter Hibernation Counts – December to Feb 2020

Licenced bat workers carry out surveys of hibernation sites from December to March each year.  More details about the hibernation survey on BCTs website 

Keep an eye on our Facebook group, for more surveyors requesting help.  The current requests for help are:

  • Burrington Combe, three spaces on each, (2nd Dec update – all dates fully booked), contact Pete Banfield.
    • 8th December 2019
    • 5th January 2020
    • 8th February 2020 (postponed due to storm Ciara)
  • Taunton Police Station Tunnels – contact Cath Shellswell.  Unfortunately the Station and Old Prison are for sale and they don’t want anyone to enter the property currently, we’ll continue to work on this.
  • Several morning visits to Mells valley bat houses contact Adel Avery for details.
    • Sunday 15th Dec 19 – Keepers Cottage, Harridge Woods,  BA3 5AA.
    • Sunday 19th Jan – Keepers Cottage and Wadbury Bat house.
    • Sunday 16th Feb – Keepers Cottage and Wadbury Bat house (postponed until 23rd due to storm Daniel)